Forward Geometry

2018 will be the fifth season for our geometry concept that turns every Mondraker into a bike with unique riding benefits and better performance above the rest of mountain bikes.

Mondraker’s Forward Geometry has proven to be the geometry benchmark for high-end performance mountain bikes nowadays and this is one of our proprietary and most unique leading technologies to date. Every year we keep refining the concept and for 2018 we have applied slight geometry changes to improve performance even more, increasing riding efficiency and control.

Forward Geometry main advantages are, an increased safety and confidence riding steep chutes even at high speeds, more reactive, precise and direct handling, more uphill precision and more stability in technical and rough terrain with better grip and improved control overall.

For 2018 Mondraker’s Forward Geometry models are equipped with standard FG30 stems (FG20-30 on the Summum DH models). We still offer FG10 and FG20 versions upon request, suitable for riders that are more accustomed to the original FG concept and more extreme riding.

Forward Geometry gains popularity in the market as the geometry benchmark for high-end mountain bikes and for this 2018 season we are offering our largest FG models collection. Based on a geometry with longer reach and longer top tubes, riding position with FG30 mm stem is perfectly balanced for each bike category and application. The extra top tube length increase is compensated with our proprietary FG30 stem on all FG models, on every frame size. Front center length increases thus making the ride more confidence-inspiring, allowing you to ride faster easier and, above all, a more enjoyable riding experience.



Increased safety on steep chutes
Front center is longer, the front axle is more advanced compared to a regular-standard-average geometry, increasing the stability and preventing going over the handlebars in technical and steep terrain, with added safety and more confidence-inspiring riding due to a slacker angle perception.
Confidence at high speeds
The longer wheelbase increases bike stability in any terrain.
Direct steering
The combination with our proprietary FG30 stem improves the steering precision making a very responsive handling.
Uphill precision
The longer front center keeps the front wheel planted on the ground avoiding unwanted wheelies, allowing you to ride very steep climbs easier.


Zero Suspension System

Zero is Mondraker’s proprietary, most efficient, best performing and super capable suspension system. Zero is individually designed, set up and optimised for the best pedalling efficiency and absorption capability on each Mondraker full suspension model across the range, from the little Factor 24 to Factor 27.5 and 27.5+ trail models to Summum Carbon World Cup & World Championship winning downhill bikes.

Zero is a dual link design system that belongs to the category of virtual pivot suspension systems. The most unique and exclusive feature of Zero is that the shock floats between the two suspension links and is compressed from both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely sensitive on small bumps and big hit capable. It is really the most acknowledgeable and astounding feature of every Mondraker full suspension bike.



Zero power loss a completely stable ride when pedalling,
Zero pedal kickback minimum chain growth throughout the suspensiontravel,
Zero brake jack isolated braking and suspension forces and what we call Zero bumps, its great ability to soak up any type of bump keeping the rear wheel efficiently planted on the ground.


Stealth Structure

Stealth is the most advanced industrial design and structure optimisation technology in the Mondraker range. Stealth Alloy encompasses all processes in the creation of the frame, from the industrial design to the specific production of each of its tubes with the calculation of the most precise details. Each tube and part is carefully designed to carry out a specific function while striving to achieve the lowest possible weight. Stealth technology is evolving every year with optimised shapes and internal updates to deliver the best riding experience in our aluminium frames. You can find Stealth Alloy technology in Summum, Dune, Foxy, Crafty+, Factor, Factor+, Vantage, Vantage+ and e-Vantage+ series models.


Stealth Carbon is the most advanced carbon fibre development and optimisation technology in the Mondraker range. This constantly developing technology brings all the experience gained in making aluminium frames to top of the range carbon fibre to meet the same innovation, maximum quality, minimum weight and strength requirements. Carbon fibre layers’ placement is a crucial technique with specific positioning and direction of the different fibre classes for each bike type and model. The result is a frame with the best strength / structural rigidity / trail buzz absorption / lightness ratio, exceptional reliability and a very attractive and unique 100% Mondraker look. Summum Carbon, Dune Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Chrono Carbon are flagships of the Stealth Carbon technology.


Stealth Carbon Air is the most refined and lightest Carbon manufacturing process at Mondraker. Every carbon layer is specifically and carefully applied in each area of the frame with a given and specific purpose making the most stylish, evolved and advanced carbon fibre frame in the Mondraker range. Cutting-edge industrial design, aero-style profile, maximum stiffness / lightest weight / superior compliance ratio are common features of Stealth Carbon Air. Trail chatter is sometimes overlooked, and this is a critical feature especially on a Carbon racing hardtail. Our FlatStays design solves this traditional problem filtering all those extra riding vibrations without the need of an extra cutaway seatstays + elastomer solution for a second-to-none riding comfort on a pure Carbon hardtail frame. Relax and focus on pedalling with the maximum performance. Lightweight is also key with a total 920 grams for the complete Podium Carbon frameset in size Medium which is 15% stiffer, 20% lighter and 25% more compliant compared to our previous model. Seriously record figure numbers for our ground-breaking Podium Carbon: Our best race-ready Carbon hardtail ever.


Integrated Stem Technology

Mondraker’s proprietary Integrated Stem Technology introduces a more integrated, lighter and more compact aero-style design for 2018. Made from Stealth Carbon fibre with a weight of just 128 grams complete (even saving the upper headset cup and spacers’ weight), IST-EVO delivers greater rigidity and steering precision superior to those of traditional design. 2018 Podium Carbon stems have been improved featuring a standard design that eliminates the need of using an internal stop and increasing the turning radius to almost complete 90° degrees. A slim rubber pad is used between the stem and the frame for protection: neat and light. Available in 4 sizes, 75 mm, 90 mm, 105 mm and optional 115 mm, new IST-EVO offers an optimum pedalling position, perfect integration and maximum performance.



164 - 175 cm MEDUIM
174 - 185 cm LARGE
184 - 195 cm X-LARGE
ENDURO / AM 0 - 170 cm SMALL
168 - 180 cm MEDUIM
178 - 190 cm LARGE
188 - 195 cm X-LARGE



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